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Adding elegance with ceramic & porcelain tile

Any home can take on an amazingly elegant demeanor, with the simple addition of ceramic & porcelain tile. While it may sound like a simple flooring niche, it’s actually a designer’s dream, for many reasons. When it comes to decor, the sky's the limit when choosing this particular floor covering. From minimal to exotic, there is truly something for everyone, no matter what your dynamic needs and preferences.

Stock House has more than 30 years of flooring experience, and a devotion to customer service. This means you’ll get the highest quality products, the most fitting services, and the most highly trained flooring professionals bringing it all together. The end result is that your home gets the transformation you’ve been dreaming of, without breaking the bank or causing you to lose your peace of mind. We are happy to serve the areas of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and Clark County. Now, we’d like to add you to our roster of satisfied customers as well. Stop by our Las Vegas, NV showroom today. We look forward to assisting you.

What to do with ceramic & porcelain

Many homeowners think these two products are actually one and the same. While they do have some striking similarities, they are actually two different products. What’s more, one of them is likely to fit your needs and preferences better than the other will. But what are the major differences?

Ceramic & porcelain tile do share some similarities. For instance, they are both made of high-quality clay, they are both shaped very similarly, and the installation process is the same. However, the things that separate the two, can tell you which is best for you.
Ceramic tile flooring in Boulder City, NV from Stock House
Are you looking for something that looks more natural, with a minimal decorative element? Porcelain will certainly fit the bill in this instance. Made with high-quality clay and fired in the hottest kilns, porcelain comes out incredibly dense, very hard, and provides a wonderful waterproof surface that’s perfectly at home inside your shower stall itself. Because of the all natural look of the squares, they often only get a clear glaze, leaving the natural beauty to shine through.

For the more artistically minded homeowner, ceramic takes the tile game up a step further. Also made with high-quality clay, some other natural products can be added in. This sometimes means there is a difference in color from the outside of the tile in, so they are often covered with brightly colored glazes and used to be a major decorative element in some homes. These are the types of tile that are used to create amazing mosaics, even being cut into different shapes and sizes.

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